Open Space

Open Space

Open space plays an important role in ecology sustainability. As a resort development we should reserve some open ground areas for rainwater absorption, as well as landscape treatment.

Maintaining open space areas will also bring more of nature's elements back into this man-made environment. A network of extensive green landscaping from the point of entrance to every development zone is an important element of the landscape design.

Opportunities to invest in Pecatu Indah Resort  is still available for investors who are interested in developing tourist attractions and facilities such as boutiques, hotels, villas, condos international standard culture theaters, museums and hotels marine tourism activities with environmentally friendly concepts.

Open space includes a number of areas:

  • Linear landscaping at the main entrance and along the perimeter of arterial road. This is to create a sequence of panoramic views and also as a buffer from the adjacent edifices.
  • Botanical Garden and Embung, where rainwater is stored and used for maintenance necessities. Landscaping enrichs the area with flowers, hydroponic plants and fruit bearing trees.
  • 18 hole golf course that is sustainable and fits harmoniously with its surrounding

are  readily available to investors in Pecatu Indah Resort , so for  Investors who are interested are asked to contact directly Office PT. Bali Pecatu Graha