Tourism in Bali

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Bali has been recognized as the world's best island by the International Travel Magazine. However, there are still many people who do not appreciate the uniqueness of Balinese culture. Life in Bali is always related to "Tri Hita Karana" or a tripartite concept that include the spiritual relationship between human, God and their environment.The rapid growth of development in tourism has had a big impact and influences on Balinese tradition and lifestyle. It is the Balinese civilization that makes the island different from other destinations. According to 2007 statistics, the number of national and international tourists arriving in Bali was 1,66 million persons. The average tourist arrival from 1997 to 2007 was growing 3.1% per year. In the first half of 2008, the number of tourist arrivals increased 24%; higher than the same periode in 2007. In conclusion, due to the more stable economic and political situation, the international world has grown to trust the government of Indonesia, thus more visitors from abroad will come in the years ahead.

About Pecatu Indah Resort

Pecatu Indah Resort is a resort oriented development in the South of Bali Island, approached with an integrated masterplanning process by Bali Pecatu Graha. The existing New Kuta Beach, Balangan Beach and it's panoramic view of the surrounding Pecatu nature are it's potential attraction. This approximately 400 ha great village in the Southern part of Bali comprises of tailor-made developments to suit all lifestyles, catering to families, to those who seeks exclusive homes and hide-aways, as well as for the outgoing and young at heart. The destination's wide residential palette offers a variety of residences overlooking the golf course and with magnificent views of the Indian ocean. The development comprises of a series of Hotels and Resorts, signature residences, townhouses and apartments, commercial and leisure, wellness centres and educational facilities. It is a great village on the Southern part of Bali that accomodates local's and visitors' activities within.One will see a series of Bali's modern buildings set amid tropical plantings to create an architecture that at once responds to the contours of the landscape.

Bali Island

Among 17,500 islands across the Indonesian archipelago, Bali is one of the 33 provinces of the Republic of Indonesia. It is also a province with the capital city of Denpasar, located at the south of the island. According to 2002 statistics, the population in Bali is 3.216.881 persons. The island area is 5.632 km², thus population density reached 571 persons/km². The native Balinese are Hindu Dharmas with strong bond to aspects of social life. Generally, they work as farmers and fishermans, but nowadays many Balinese rely on the tourism industry as a livelihood.

Vision & Mission


To make PT Bali Pecatu Graha a credible and bona fide leading property company in the fully integrated resort field.


To make Pecatu Indah Resort:

  • A world class integrated resort
  • A one of a kind resort
  • A one stop services resort
  • A new resort destination for Bali and Indonesian tourism

Pecatu Indah Resort is a prospective investment field and an unlimited paradise for residents and visitors.