Enjoy the beautiful future of an appreciating investment with us. Investment advantages include:

  1. Attractive investment return.
    The most distinctively unique resort development in South East Asia with great potential to become one of the world’s most favored tourism destinations.

  2. Problem-Free Acquisition.
    The required land is already owned by Pecatu Indah Groups.

  3. Complete Provision for Infrastructure and Facilities.
    We take the responsibility for provision of telecommunication, power, water, gas, sewage treatment, flood control, garbage disposal and other resources for commercial and residential needs.

  4. Design Guidance and Technical Assistance.
    Design guidance will assist investors to comply with the resort’s master design as well as local government requirements. To ensure the entire development will result as planned, investors will also be provided with a design committee.

  5. Approval of Development and Construction Permits.
    Our team of experts will work alongside investors to advise and facilitate the process of obtaining the necessary approvals from local authorities.