Areas For Investments

The Pecatu Indah Resort development consists of 400 hectares and is classified into 3 main areas:

Commercial Areas

  1. Hotel

    Predictions for 2008 indicate a shortage of hotel rooms in Badung County of up to 934 rooms, with indications that the shortfall in rooms will increase to 2,618 rooms in 2009. Some 50% of new hotel developments in the area are expected to take place in Kuta. From that pie, Pecatu Indah Resort is slated to capture 30%, which is a significant investment opportunity. Pecatu Indah Resort offers a variety of hotels types to suits everyone’s tastes, including Golf Hotel, Cultural Hotel, Boutique Hotel and others. This variety of accommodation will be able to attract tourists from a wide range of backgrounds.

  2. Golf Course

    To complement the three other golf courses available in Bali, Pecatu Indah Resort will provide even more challenge for golf lovers with its new 18 hole International Championship course, New Kuta Golf. With breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean and designed by Ronald Fream, New Kuta Golf offers an exciting new experience for golfers from around the world.

  3. Malls and Convenience Stores

    As of 2005 there are 7 supermarkets, 24 shopping centers and 42 local markets operating in Badung County. Compared to the 24 supermarkets in Denpasar, a big opportunity exists to develop a new shopping mall aimed at meeting the requirements of the residents of South Kuta. The shopping mall will enhance our concept of a fully self contained, one-stop resort.

Residential Area

Pecatu Indah Resort offers an exciting residential concept with impressive added value facilities. With its strategic location and magnificent views, Pecatu Indah Resort provides state-of-the-art facilities designed for middle-to-upper-class guests as well as local and non-local tourists.

  1. Low Density Housing

    Low density housing, based on the Cluster Concept, ensures the exclusivity of the residences and guarantees both serenity and luxury.

  2. Townhouse and Condominium

     A selection of beautifully designed townhouses with floor plans to suit everyone from singles to families is available for purchase at Pecatu Indah Resort Facility. In these delightful residences, situated close to the New Kuta Commercial Center, you can to enjoy all the facilities that make Pecatu Indah Resort such a unique development.

  3. Retirement Center

    The Retirement Center will offer state-of-the-art facilities to Senior Citizens with three levels of care available –Self Sufficient, Partial Care and Complete Care.

Public Facility Area

By committing to an integrated community concept, Pecatu Indah Resort aims to provide the utmost convenience and comfort for all of our residents.

  1. International School

    South Kuta is considered to be a good prospect for development. The area has high rates of employment and the fastest growing economy in Bali. However, according to Bali tourism statistics, South Kuta is yet to see the establishment of an International School. This regrettable due to the fact that South Kuta is home to many expatriates and their families. An International School offers high potential for the investor.

  2. Sports and Recreation Facilities

    Pecatu Indah Resort will provide a wide variety of sports and recreational facilities. Residents and visitors can enjoy a state-of-the-art Fitness Center, Water Park, Botanical Garden and many more sport and recreational facilities.